Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me on my art movement philosophy to say a few words in attempt to.

Flowers are what' left the lost Paradise on Earth. Flowers is the best of everything God has created, but forgot to allocate with soul. Therefore my works are an inccesant attempt to compete to beauty of flowers.Sometimes play matches a desicive role in life. It was the time by i was looking for my own style to find. I created so far my motives, times with pencil, times with brush, without departing from Conventional way to remove me. Then the coincidence wanted me to meet an outstanding personality. A highly talended designer and Art collector with a strictly critical eye to the smallest detail. Mr Christoph Hirsch . At the beginning he has praised the quality my former works, but realized that it was not my style, he told me "It is not enough to paint beautifully, do not waste your time to keep track of your own style , you should let your own aesthetic style" to find out you.

I followed his advise and began to study the style fromgreat painters of late Renaissance.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo with the help of the imagination of the viewer, as an engineer, as a costume designer and a musician in one person has always fascinated me.

His work subjective and fanciful ideas that decision went beyond the classic Harmonic Imaging, was the milestone that inspired me.

Myrianthismus was born at a time."Myrianthismus" called (in greek „μυριάς“ ,myrias - 10.000 and "άνθος" ,anthos - blooming flower) thousands of blooming flowers of which gives the opportunity to viewer to deepen in the microcosm of the painting. The more someone approaches the motive lose the subjekt in a flower meadow. The more someone moves away from the subjekt lose the floral carpet and provides the motive.

Fortunately i am blessed with enough color material-brush and canvas as only weapon for art performances to put signal did carry my own touch. Some works of art have traveled unsuccessful around the world, other high-quality works of art can only know their own atelie walls. Artworks have their own fate, so the viewer can enjoy it without any outside influence.